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A brave new management

Management performance is often measured in terms of financial results, overlooking its broader implications. In a capitalist world, where everything is quantified by money, it has been normalized to lead with tyranny generating profit at the cost of oppressing a team.

Stories are frequently posted describing workspaces where stress, unfair treatment, and excessive demands are the norm. Global work surveys such as 2023 Gallup's State of the Global Workplace reveal a growing dissatisfaction towards corporate culture and leadership resulting in 44% of global employees reporting stress problems, 59% being quietly quitting and 51% actively seeking for a new job. 

The most alarming is the high incidence of companies not identifying the issue unless they experience a sudden clinical picture of employee burnout. As long as money is being made, if there is not a problem and it is not broken, why fix it?

Employee well-being indicators such as turnover rates, job satisfaction surveys, and burnout levels have been introduced, reflecting the undeniable reality of a global stress pandemic, fueled by the never ending urge for money and likes that ultimately tampers performance.

Deloitte points out that “organizations and workers will need to learn to navigate this new world together — co-creating new rules, new boundaries, and a new relationship”. (2023 Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte)

If you find your company entrenched in the agitated waters of a red ocean, where growth is only seen in vanity KPI, the management consultancy services of Azul Automators offer a solution to chart the course to new horizons, while we equip your team with the tools and strategies for conflict resolution, enhanced communication and leadership.

Our mission is to shape workspaces where success is defined by the profitable holistic growth and well-being of every team member. Leveraging best practices and deep insights into organizational dynamics.

The future of management is about being inclusive, empathetic and sustainable. If you feel trapped in red, let Azul Automators guide you towards the blue!