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Planes y Precios

Marketing Automation Services


Hire our services by the hour:


$30 / hour

Such as:
  • Setup of tools/automations
  • Building emails/campaigns
  • Distributing reports
  • Updating configuration (fixes)


$40 / hour

Such as:
  • Report and dashboard creation
  • Solution Architecture
  • SEO and UI/UX services
  • Results analysis


$50 / hour

Such as:
  • Requirement gathering
  • Optimization
  • Maturity/Tech assessments
  • Roadmap definition

Need to discuss a retainer? 

Save up to 20% in hourly rates.

Or hire a monthly plan:



13 hours per month

  • 10 hours of Execution services
  • 2 hours of Analysis services
  • 1 hour of Strategy services



23 hours per month

  • 15 hours of Execution services
  • 5 hours of Analysis services
  • 2 hours of Strategy services

Round A


35 hours per month

  • 20 hours of Execution services
  • 10 hours of Analysis services
  • 5 hours of Strategy services
  • Setup of basic marketing tools and automations
  • Creation of simple marketing campaigns
  • Basic report and dashboard setup
  • Initial consultation for marketing strategy


  • Comprehensive execution of marketing campaigns
  • Distribution and updating of complex reports
  • SEO analysis and basic UI/UX consulting
  • Bi-monthly strategy sessions for optimization


  • Advanced campaign management and execution
  • In-depth analytics with actionable insights
  • Full SEO and UI/UX services
  • Regular strategic planning and tech assessments


Learn more about our services

Read about our services and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.