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Marketing Operation

Enhanced Customer Experience

Marketing Operations

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our Marketing Operations solutions:

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)

    Track your clients history to retarget them and learn from their behavior, improving your product and strategy.

  • Subscribelist and Client Journeys

    Automate the experience for your contact list, save money and stay on top of their minds.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Images, copies and strategies that grow your followers and boost engagement.

  • Email Marketing

    We build emails campaigns in HTML/CSS and send them in any platform: Gmail integration, MailChimp, Hubspot.

Social Media Marketing

We tailor content to resonate with your audience, driving engagement and fostering community. By strategically leveraging platforms best suited to your brand, we amplify your message, drive traffic, and contribute to your lead generation efforts.

1 Post Strategy: we will plan, craft and post content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to maximize your reach organically.
2 Follower engagement: interaction with your followers, responding to comments and messages .
3 Ad Management: we run targeted ad campaigns to expand your reach.
4 Analysis: ongoing results analysis to continuously improve our strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a cornerstone of an effective digital strategy. Our services go from the design of eye-catching templates to segmentation and A/B testing, leading to nurturing relationships with your prospects that guide them down the sales funnel.

1 Campaign Execution: we build and send email campaigns from any platform as per your requirements.
2 Content Design: attractive and engaging templates, creatives and copies.
3 Segmentation: effectively target audiences that are more likely to engage with your content.
4 AB Testing and Growth: we profile your customer base and experiment with different approaches to fine tune and optimize your strategy.

Website Management and SEO

We create user-friendly websites that are optimized for search engines, improving your visibility and driving organic traffic. Our comprehensive management includes regular updates, content optimization, and technical SEO strategies that help you rank higher, engage visitors, and convert traffic into leads.

1 UX/UI Design: we design user-friendly, visually appealing websites that boost engagement and usability.
2 Content Management: equip your website with dynamic, compelling content that captures attention and enhances visitor retention.
3 SEO, Performance & Optimization: elevate your online visibility enhancing performance, rankings, loading speeds and navigation.
4 Analytics: website performance  insights enable you to understand visitor behavior, track engagement, and leverage marketing efforts.

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