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Why Digital Transformation fails?

Digital Transformation has become a trending topic at the same time we navigate through an accelerated technological revolution.

Information overfloods individuals and companies with carefully curated content specifically designed to trigger emotions and generate data that will further deepen the complexity of the strategies featured in digital media and social networks.

Those who are still on the race are far from traditional marketing and those resisting change are dissapearing by the hour. 

Most companies know they need to transform their operations and design teams and budgets for this purpose. In some cases this is enough, however as companies scale, digital transformation needs refined strategies, alignment, conciliation and conflict resolution.

Why conflict?, you may ask. Founders and SME tend to be passionate about their product, and in the demanding day to day of a start up where priorities shift and everything runs at the speed of light, they tend to struggle with strategy and alignment, generating conflict, which has been the main reason, I have witnessed as a consultant, for companies to fail at digital transformation processes.

The strategical approach should be first to align siloed business units, then creating a joint plan that considers the priorities of the differtent areas and finally starting the process with minimal friction, the cross-discipline alignment process is one of the hardest things I ever experienced because it's people who do not  have the same priorities and do not talk the same language: money vs technology, standard vs efficiency, process vs common sense.

Companies that need to hire MarTech services face a difficult challenge because we are just starting to write history on AI and other automation technologitsies, which means newbies and experts are not that far apart and if your SME does not have the answer probably no one does.

On top of this, the coordination of Digital Transformation processes require great management expertise because to be successful, it needs to affect all the units. This reduces even further the pool of available experts, nonetheless making the right decisions at this early stage will craft the future of companies which is why Azul Automators puts all our experience in MarTech services and Digital Transformation Strategy at your service.

As we navigate through uncertainty and face a blurry future, the team at Azul offers guidance in your journey into a brighter, more efficient opperation. We have accompanied numerus companies from diverse industries though their transformation processes, gaining the experience and the insights to help your business succeed in our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.